Power Is You: Step Towards Excellence


“Power Is You”, is not just a book, but a reflection of your truest self, a reflection of various chapters of life, a reflection which states every human being has limitless power and potential to create wonders in their life and the only key factor required is “Belief”.

It portrays how we spend most of our life worrying about things which are actually very meager or small and then miss the most beautiful situations and places where life could have taken us.

To be happy or to be sad is a personal choice, and we have to make the choice at the right time.


Power is You is a step by step process not to achieve the world’s peak, but to achieve and realize your Truest Self, because self realization can even lead a person go around the universe forever and beyond.

I CAN, I WILL, YES, are the primary factors.

In the due course of many a chapter enclosed in this mirror, we will only discuss about “YOU”, place your name in this “YOU” and then start reading.

Yes, I am discussing about YOU, the most beautiful, blessed and Powerful creation of Mankind.

The moment we start loving ourselves, half of the work of creating wonders is already completed.


The journey of Realization starts Here….starts Now…. and Most Importantly Starts with “YOU”

Belief is the Mantra!!